Use Positive Strategies To Promote Behavioural Change

Tali Sharot, behaviour neuroscientist and professor of cognitive neuroscience at the Department of Experimental Psychology at London College University, addresses the issue of Behavioral Change through a neuro-scientific perspective.

Sharot explains how, in order to achive a real behavior change, it is essential to focus on the use of positive strategies.

Numerous researches, in fact, show that often giving "alarming" messages about the possible consequences linked to "wrong" behaviors, does not activate the change, but, on the contrary, risks generating a boomerang effect that leads individuals to remove the content of the message.

On the contrary, Sharot stresses the importance of using present-focused techniques (giving positive social incentives, offering immediate rewards and monitoring change) as an essential tool to bring about a real change in maladaptive habits.

If you are interested in the topic, listen to the tedx and find out which factors can induce or inhibit behavioural change.

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