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How to achieve max performance at work

Theory of Flow: Cszíkszentmihályi’s 9 dimensions to achieve true work engagement The “Flow” mental state in the workplace has been one of the main topics of study developed by the Hungarian psychologist Mihàly Csíkszentmihályi. His work searched for the intersection of optimal being and optimal doing, bringing personal happiness, fulfillment with the tasks ahead on …

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Tech inspiring stories: The unexpected birth of Slack

Tech inspiring stories: The unexpected birth of Slack If your professional activity involves a lot of teamwork, remote task resolution and, especially, if your field is related to the Tech world, you’ve probably heard about Slack. Slack is a work-centered communication platform, that gives companies the possibility to replace the standard e-mail with and intelligent …

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Behavioural Change and Neuroscience

Use Positive Strategies To Promote Behavioural Change Tali Sharot, behaviour neuroscientist and professor of cognitive neuroscience at the Department of Experimental Psychology at London College University, addresses the issue of Behavioral Change through a neuro-scientific perspective. Sharot explains how, in order to achive a real behavior change, it is essential to focus on the use …

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Feedback and Neuroscience

Feedback and Neuroscience The topic of feedback is now receiving increasing interest not only in the field of companies but also in research sectors. Neuroscience, for example, has shown that often giving negative and unsolicited feedback risks compromising the learning ability of the recipient because it activates our threat circuit, which in turn reduces the …

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Let’s Feedback Works

Let’s Feedback Works Giving and receiving feedback according to many experts is one of the main drivers of growth in organizations. Often, however, in companies, feedback is experienced in a negative way, at the risk of compromising the possibility of learning and personal growth. Buckingham & Goodall’s article is an attempt to explain the reasons …

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