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Peer-to-peer continuous feedback
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our vision.

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The way we organise work is radically damaged.

Lots of evidence shows that the way large organisations operate is dramatically inadequate in the current new business environment, characterised by uncertainty, volatility, turbulence.

The dawn of a post-management era.

A new way of working is emerging: always in teams (lone-workers are disappearing), cross functional, cross regional, often remoted, with external and internal professionals involved. In this new way managers are no more controllers but leaders.

People and business growing together.

How could the traditional practices of management, assessment, performance and development still fit in with this new way of working? The future is calling for new technologies and new frameworks for the HR area.

our platform | iOS and Android Smartphones.

continuous performance management APP.

A personal APP aimed to give individuals  continuous awareness about their professional impact and organisations new insights on people and teams

Easy to use

Peer to peer continuous feedback.

Individuals can request or share personal feelings about peers' behaviours. They can endorse colleagues on excellent performances or suggest improvements on specific topics. Through private interactions and conversations a community is built, developing a culture of openness, trust, continuous improvement. 

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Individual returns

Awareness on professional impact (and how to increase it).

FeedbackLoop elaborates data to present each individual their own private dynamic dashboard. The more feedback is collected the more the platform can show specific indexes and patterns: strong and weak behaviours, features about personal business network, give&take profile, gap on personal goals etc   

organisational returns

New people insights about teams and networks.

Organisations can understand in real time moods, behaviours, collaborative networks where people are exchanging feedback. This data - available as an aggregated output created through Network Analysis Algorithms - can show the gap within the people strategy and drive the design of new development initiatives (training, coaching, mentoring, communication and so on).   

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Organisational returns

Early warnings.

Organisation can discover what behaviours are really experienced by people and how they streer people's effectiveness from corporate targets. Company's insights include: managers effectiveness analysis, diversity indexes (gender, internal/external, roles), innovation patterns, early warnings and risk awareness, engagement index, social footprints.

On cloud and on premises

Easy to configure and integrate.

Every company has its own story. FeedbackLoop is designed to consider and leverage it. The platform is suited both for time-boxed initiative (like task forces, canvass, agile teams...) and for permanent systems. Organisations will be assissted by a project team whitch will work with them to co-design feedback logics, process and contents.  Our API architecture makes it easy to integrate the App in the digital workplaces.

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