what do we do?

peer to peer continuous feedback.



organisations are conversations.

Companies, like cities, are networks of interacting people.  Each of our actions has an impact on other people. 

our impact on others.

Others develop a point of view while they observe us act. Not always other people give us a feedback on our action.

unveil information about us.

Imagine if everyone had the full awareness about the impact of their own actions thanks to pure, transparent, private and unfiltered information.

personal and private space.

FeedBackLoop is a platform of “peer to peer continuous feedback” aimed at positively evolving behaviours within working teams

Performance Management

a new space for improvement and simplification.
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platform main features.

Request and give feedback.

Individuals can request or send feedback to all active colleagues within in the platform, regardless of roles, hierarchy or calendar. Feedback is collected through topics as usefull also for the organisation. 

Personal dashboard.

Each one has a private dashboard where all feedback from colleagues is elaborated in insightful data. Other patterns and indexes are dynamically recognized and compared with benchmarks.  

Gamification and rewarding.

Individual actions are considered as value generated in and for the community and, therefore, rewarded. A leaderboard compares the different engagement levels of individuals and teams. Badges recognise specific styles

Happiness meter. [SOON]

Meters allow to track individual happiness or engagement on a continuous base. The data are public and give everyone a return on the general map and HR/Line manager data about mood of the teams. 

Quick polls. [SOON]

Individuals can reflect on their own motivation, compare with the team and with the company situation. Organisation and Line Managers can understand more about people in terms of feelings and risks 

Corporate Analytics.

HR and line managers can see workforce strengths and weaknesses at an aggregated level, and use data to collect future training needs. The system can discover unknown training resources.

Mobile only | Android & iOS.

FeedbackLoop is provided through iOS and Android native Apps. Cybersec and GDPR compliance are guaranteed by design.

Manager effectiveness analysis.

Line managers, through the support of data and in-app services, can easily understand what's going on in their team, plan periodic check-in conversations, to collect data about their own leadership style.

Quick configuration and roll out.

Each feature is configurable following the community and company culture: rewarding, anonymity, feedback clusters, dashboards.


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